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Rifle Target Shooting Rimfire Left Handed

Anschutz 1727LF Left Hand 22LR 560mm Barrel Length

$4,899.00 incl GST

Anschutz: Enjoy Extraordinary Precision, Workmanship, and Accuracy.

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Left Handed, Bolt Action 22LR


brand: anschutz
cartridge: 22lr
Firearm Type: Rifle


Anschutz 1727LF Left Hand 22LR

The 10000-times proven Biathlon straight pull action with repeating mechanism, when combined with the match two-stage trigger, provides for extremely fast repeating, saving valuable seconds for hunting success. The straight pull repeater action may be simply opened for reloading with the index finger. With the thumb, the action is closed once more. The shooter reloads the gun with a single wrist movement. The hand that operates the trigger will stay in the grip, and the elbow will not need to move. As a result, the shooter just needs a short amount of time to focus. The lock time is extremely brief, which allows for a high hit rate.

Our premium rimfire sports rifle, the 1727 F, features the world-famous ANSCHÜTZ straight-pull mechanism featured in the model 1827 F. When fully closed, the 1727's bolt is secured in place with 7 hardened steel balls, same like the Biathlon action. A short reward movement of the bolt handle releases the steel balls, allowing for ultra-fast action cycling. The knurled bolt handle is non-slip, and the small locking distance allows for lightning-fast follow-up shots. When dry firing, the one-piece firing pin has a specified end-stop area to prevent damage. The thick-walled target barrel and sturdy steel receiver provide excellent shooting accuracy. Two 11mm wide grooved bases on the receiver allow scope rings to be attached. The bolt body's action face is positioned back such that the bolt head covers the cartridge rim. The bolt movement is limited by the independent bolt catch on the side of the receiver, which protects the trigger. In the event of a cartridge failure, a gas vent hole on the side of the extractor groove directs any gas to the side of the handgun. When the sliding safety catch on the right-hand side is locked, the trigger is blocked when the catch lever and release link are lifted. When the rifle is secured, the bolt can be opened. When the safety is locked, the rifle can also be unloaded.

ANSCHÜTZ target two-stage and single-stage triggers have always set the standard for quality, reliability, and precision. It is not without reason that ANSCHÜTZ triggers are known as the best in the world. Many manufacturers offer adapters for integration of this master­piece of the German gunsmith‘s art into their firearms. The light weight, hardened and finely ground trigger components facilitate fast and consistent trigger release.

The cylindrical precision barrels, which have great shooting performance, are made using the same ANSCHÜTZ proprietary method that is used to make the world-famous ANSCHÜTZ target barrels. The same may be said for the chamber and recessed muzzle manufacturing processes.

Oiled walnut stock with German cheek piece and light German style stock, Schnabel forend tip, non-slip checkering on the pistol grip and forend with borders. With black rubber butt plate and sling swivel studs.


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