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Buying Firearms Online

Firearms now have to be sent dealer to dealer.

Step One

*You will have to get permission from your local receiving dealer, In order for us to send firearms to them.
*We require your receiving dealers "Dealers Lic No# inc Expiry, their email address, along with a Police Mail Order Permit, for your Firearm. Ammunition and gun parts still require a Police mail order form but can be sent to your home address.

Step Two

To obtain a Police Mail Order Permit form FRM43A

Take a copy of your firearms licence to a Police station along with the following information.

  • Sales Invoice
  • Make
  • Model
  • Caliber
  • Serial Number
  • Receiving Dealers Licence
  • Receiving Dealers Email address

Scott Stonex T5123965 Expiry 19/04/25. Return Email address for NZ Police permit

Once completed, your Arms officer will email your Police mail order permit directly to us at email addresses above and you order will be dispatched straight away.

Link to police form: