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brand: Starline
cartridge: 223rem
brassprimers: brass


Today, the .223 Remington is one of the most popular centerfire cartridges. The .223 Remington was developed to attain specific ballistics for military purposes, and its roots may be traced back to the .222 Remington. The 5.56x45mm NATO is the military designation for the .223 Remington. The pressures at which they are loaded, as well as the chamber of the firearm, are the distinctions between the two.

Our brass is safe to use in any firearm chambered for .223 or 5.56x45mm when loaded at .223 Remington pressures. You must utilize firearms labeled for use with 5.56mm if loaded to 5.56 pressures. It's risky to use 5.56mm ammo in a .223 Remington chambered rifle.

Additional Information:
Brand: Starline
Cartridge: 223 Remington
Quantity: 100
Finish: Brass


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