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Reloading Rifle Dies

Lee Collet Neck Sizing Die 270 Win 90958

$47.00 incl GST

Lee Reloading Equipment always great value & quality

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Rifle Dies


Lee Collet Dies are the only loading mechanism that will load more accurate ammo. Every set comes with a written guarantee. No one has ever ventured to give a guarantee like this but Lee - You'll get your money back if you have the smallest group size. For a flawless bullet fit with minimal run-out, a collet squeezes the case neck against a precise mandrel. There's no need for case lube.


No lubrication required
Guaranteed accuracy
Extends case life 10x
Fastest to use
No cleaning or lubing required
Collet-style decapper clamp - keeps the simple X expander firmly centered in the die while allowing the decapper 
to move up without breaking if an obstruction is encountered.
Sturdy shank so strong you can drive out a stuck case without damage.
Long guided neck expansion area located to begin expanding as soon as the neck leaves the die at the presses maximum position.
Tapered area expands sub calibers when case forming, quickly and effortlessly reforms dented or squashed necks.


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