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Sierra 8mm .323 150gr Spitzer 2400

Sierra 8mm .323 150gr Spitzer 2400
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Sierra are the BulletSmiths!

8 MM 150 GR. SPT


All modern 8mm rifles, including all German military arms manufactured since 1905, use .323 inch diameter bullets. However, German military rifles manufactured between 1888 and 1905 used a .318 inch diameter bullet. Many of those rifles were rebarreled to .323 inch bores after 1905, but some rifles of the smaller bore size were brought back from WWI and WWII and still exist. Some German sporting guns, particularly combination guns made until 1938, used 8mm cartridges with .318 inch diameter bullets. Sometimes, a .323 inch diameter bullet can be loaded and fired in a cartridge intended for a .318 inch groove diameter, but dangerously high chamber pressures result. If you do not know that your bore size is .323 inch, slug your barrel before loading .323 inch diameter bullets. There are two Pro-Hunter bullets in .323 inch caliber in Sierra’s line and both are the Spitzer type.

These 8mm hunting bullets provide exceptional accuracy together with deep penetration and reliable expansion on medium and heavier game. The 150 grain #2400 is an excellent choice for medium game at typical 8mm Mauser velocities, but it will be too destructive when used in the 8mm Remington Magnum.

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User Reviews

There are: 2 reviews, with an average rating of 5.0 out of 5
Nothing has changed in reloading my 75 year old 8mm K98 Mauser, just love it, a truly under rated rifle, I own other great rifles but this rig set up with my recipe is just out there, others have tried my recipe and some have said it shoots higher than factory ammo and stays up longer, that's how I designed this load, I can shoot this effectively as of present to 300 yards to bag the animal and kill fast not having to blood trail. thats why reloading is so good as it becomes personel, every firearm has its likes.
Posted by Dave Collins on 2015-12-03 23:27:51
These are so good in my 8mm Mauser with 53.5 grains of BLC(2) powder and CCI250 primers.
Took a whole year to get this recipe right after trying so many other powders and projectiles, within 5mm every time at 100 yards, better than any other Mauser I've seen, also the 8mm projectile drops the animal straight off, dead before it hits the ground, (neck shots) one deer ran 40 feet before he new he was dead,(heart shot) this loads travelling about 2950 fps. great projectile. most deer sway with the hit and fall straight over with heart shot but every deer is different, works just as well on pigs, just a great projectile.
Posted by Dave Collins on 2014-10-01 12:22:10

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