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Reloading Projectiles Rifle Projectiles 6mm / 243

Hornady 6mm 103gr ELD-X x100 #24550

$105.00 incl GST

Hornady Projectiles for Performance

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6mm / 243


Heat Shield Tip creates the ideal meplat, with no tip deformation due to aerodynamic heating, match-accurate hunting bullets, and devastating terminal performance at all ranges. In high BC bullets, conventional polymer tips melt in flight. Conventional bullet tip materials in streamlined, high BC bullets melt and distort, according to Hornady experts. Aerodynamic heating causes BC reduction and accuracy degradation at extended ranges (400 yds and beyond), even though it is not a serious concern with modest BC conventional tipped varmint and hunting bullets. Hornady identified a heat-resistant material and developed the patent-pending Heat Shield tip to counteract this effect. This ground-breaking new tip produces the perfect meplat (tip) with remarkably consistent results from one bullet to the next and from one batch to the next.

The Heat Shield tip resists aerodynamic heating and maintains its shape, resulting in a flawless meplat (tip) that never changes shape. The combination of a streamlined secant ogive with optimal boattail design, highly concentric AMP bullet jackets, and the patent-pending Heat Shield tip results in a very accurate, high BC match bullet. Doppler radar is used to measure ELD-Match bullet BCs, which are then corrected for typical air circumstances. The bullet expands continuously during its penetration path at high velocity, 0-400 yard impact. The jacket's thick shank and high Interlock ring keep the core and jacket together, allowing for 50-60% weight retention. The Heat Shield tip drives backward into the bullet to induce expansion for low velocity, 400+ yard hits. The bullet achieves deep penetration and huge wound cavities by exhibiting conventional expansion with a massive mushroom and 85-90 percent retained weight.


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