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Hornady® FTX® rounds transformed lever-gun ballistics, bringing these popular guns to a whole new level of performance. The accuracy, power, and long-range performance of a tipped bullet that is safe to load in tubular magazines are now available to lever-gun fans.

The revolutionary Flex Tip®, when paired with the secant ogive design pioneered by Hornady®, results in an aerodynamic bullet with a thinner, tapered front portion and expanded bearing surface for substantially greater ballistic coefficients. The FTX® flies faster and flatter than standard lever-gun bullets, resulting in increased accuracy at ranges much beyond what has previously been the norm.

The one-piece high antimony lead core of the FTX® bullet is locked to the jacket with an InterLock® ring, resulting in reliable performance and deep penetration on large or heavy-bodied game animals. Designed to perform at muzzle velocities from 1,600 to 2,600 fps, FTX® bullets are ideal for hunters and shooters looking to give their lever gun new life.


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