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brand: dillon
equipment: dies


Dillon Carbide Die Set 9mm #14406

All Dillon Pistol Die sets include our sizer/decapping die, seating die and a separate crimp die (taper crimp for auto cartridges, accu-crimp for revolver cartridges).

Sizing/Depriming Die
Our sizing/depriming dies have a "floating decapping assembly" with a snap spring that throws the spent primer off the pin and removes the problem of primer "draw back" that happens frequently when decapping military brass. The primary feature of Dillon's size die design the long, tapered carbide ring with a radiused opening, remains unchanged.

Bullet Seating Die
The user may disassemble and clean the seat die without losing adjustment with our new quick-disassembly seat die. 
Bullet lubrication and shavings can be swiftly removed from the die in this manner, ensuring consistent seating depth.  We've incorporated a "flip-flop" seating stem and a clip that enables you to remove the die insert and change the seating stem from round nose to semi-wadcutter without unscrewing a seating stem out of the die body. 

Crimp Die
We made it simple to remove the die insert for cleaning without affecting the important crimp adjustment. You'll never have to change your crimp die once it's adjusted for the right amount of crimp. This is especially good news for all of you who load lead bullets. Before, you had to unscrew the die from the toolhead and disassemble the die in order to remove any bullet lube or lead residue.


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