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Reloading Brass

Starline Brass 32 ACP x100 #SU32ACP

$65.00 incl GST

Starline Quality Brass With Strength and Durability

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Pistol Brass, Reloading, Brass


brand: Starline
cartridge: 32acp
brassprimers: brass


Starline Brass 32 ACP x100 #SU32ACP

Starline Brass takes pleasure in providing the best brass cases on the market. Their brass is made up of 70% copper and 30% zinc, and it is pulled vertically during the manufacturing process, resulting in a more uniform wall thickness. Between each draw, the cases are annealed to maintain uniform metallurgy across all lots. Each brass case is hand-inspected to ensure the highest level of quality.

Starline Brass has been in business for nearly 30 years in Sedalia, Missouri. You will not be disappointed if you choose Starline for your next reload. Brass is brand new and unprimed. This isn't ready-to-fire ammo. Before loading, full-length sized, trimmed, and chamfered brass should be used.

Preparation: Due to the manufacturing process and/or shipping, case mouths may not be perfectly round. To ensure a round case mouth, cases must be sized (or have the expander ball of the sizing die run through case neck) and deburred/Chamfered prior to loading.

Notes: A light "staining" may be found on the case neck of new brass. This is due to annealing. Annealing is a process, performed by the manufacturer, which involves rapid heating to a specified temperature followed by rapid cooling. This process imparts cases with the proper hardness to securely hold a bullet as well as gives flexibility to expand and contract upon firing and repeated forming. The "staining" is a residue from this process. This stain may be removed by tumbling before loading.

Additional Information:
⁍ Brand: Starline
⁍ Finish: Brass
⁍ Country of Manufacture: United States
⁍ Cartridge: 32 ACP


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