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Reloading Brass Pistol Brass

Starline 455 Webley Brass x100

$150.00 incl GST

Starline for brass & ammunition

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Pistol Brass


The.455 Webley MKII is a British revolver cartridge developed in the late 1800s for the British military. All Webley MKII, MKIII, MKIV, MKV, and MKVI cartridges will work with this brass. Although the original MKI case is longer, this will suffice as a quick alternative. It's worth noting that the Webley cartridge designations don't always correspond to the model revolver, and smokless powder loads aren't always safe in all revolvers.

*It is important to note that many Webley revolvers in the US have been modified to use the much thicker rimmed .45 Auto Rim cartridge by machining the cylinder to accept the thicker rims. Firearms modified as such will not work with standard .455 MKII brass.


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