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3 Ounce Plus Barrel Weight

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Shotgun Shooting Accessory

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Good shotgun shooting certainly involves how well your shotgun fits you! The words to describe it are customization, custom-fit gunstock, custom-fit balance, custom-fit point-of-impact (poi), custom-fit length of pull, custom-fit comb or cheek height, custom-fit the sights, customize the overall weight of gun in proportion to the shooter, custom modifications to reduce recoil affect on the shooter, custom items for comfort; all of these modifications are done by gunsmiths or yourself and make a world of difference in better performance over most factory delivered guns.  The attachment is non-damaging and very secure using the 2-sided adhesive, which is on the part under peel-off cover. If necessary to remove, warm with hair dryer and use 17 lb fishing line in both hands with sawing action to cut thru the tape layer. Easy to roll-up the tape residue on the barrel and on the removed Barrel Weight for application of new tape; use cigarette lighter fluid (caution flammable) to clean the sticky surface and degrease for new application.

The 3 Ounce Plus Barrel Weight of Meadow Industries is used to custom-balance the shotgun for better shooting performance.

Benefits Are:

  • Gives a smooth Swing and follow-thru.
  • Corrects lightweight "whippy" barrels caused by the factory design or custom back-boring which removes approximately 3 ounces of steel from original design.
  • Add 3 Ounce Plus barrel weight to balance-out the increased weight caused by customizations of the gunstock; such as recoil-reducers and adjustable comb or butt pads.
  • Effective swing weight of 3 ounces placed on the barrel near the fore end becomes 6 ounces when placed 12 inches toward the muzzle (hence the name Plus). Use 2 or more weights if needed.
  • Maintains the preferred balance point near the hinge-pin of break open shotguns; balance point 1/2 inch to rear of hinge pin lets the gun move quicker.
  • Increased barrel weight reduces muzzle jump and reduces felt recoil to the shooter.

Trainers for Olympic trapshooting specify the gun's balance-point to be half way between the hands as you come to the shooting position; this gives best pointing quality and movement of the shotgun to the target. Sporting clays shooting requires fast, accurate pointing and smoothness.

How Barrel Weights Are Applied          ( Practice gun safety--make sure gun is not loaded )

Determine location for the 3 Ounce weight by temporarily wrapping the rubber band provided around the barrel and weight; check guns balance point over your finger or a pencil on a table; move the weight location until swinging the gun feels right for you.

Strong high-temperature 2-sided adhesive under peel-off cover secures the weight to the barrel for years of use. It is easily removed without damage to the barrel.






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