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Sharpshoot-r Maxx Mil-Spec Oil 8oz

Sharpshoot-r Maxx Mil-Spec Oil 8oz
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Cleaning Solvent
Sharpshoot-r Maxx Mil-Spec Oil 8oz

Maxx ™ is a cutting edge product. It contains a patented particulant contained in no other commercial lubricants. This use of this particulant is protected by a patent. One of the smallest particulants used in lubricants is molybdenum. The particulant in molybdenum is approximately 2 microns in diameter. Maxx™ contains a patented particulant that is spherical in structure, and is less than 1/20 th of a micron in diameter. The minute size of this particulant greatly decreases friction and drag by reducing greatly the build_up of heat. It puts an ultra_thin layer of spherical particulant and a high heat tolerant lubricant between metal parts. The small diameter of this particulant allows Maxx™ to penetrate in to the terrain of metal surfaces, which are less than 1/20 th of a micron deep. This particulant further carries with it a unique blend of synthetic non_petroleum low drag lubricant and high lubricity natural oils that sets up a boundary shield of lubrication.


The characteristics of this natural/synthetic blend lubricant are quite unique, in that they have an operating range of +600º F down to _70º F.   Being a synthetic base lubricant, Maxx™ is non_gumming, and non_shellacing over any length of time. It does not change in viscosity or color, over time. Maxx™ contains no teflon or PTFE of any kind. These products have proven themselves to be gumming agents a which build up, and actually prevent lubrication to take place.

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