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Police Permit

To Obtain A Police Mail Order Permit Form S43A
Firearms now have to be sent from dealer to dealer only. You will have to get permission from your nearest dealer in order for us to send it to them.

You will still need to obtain a Permit for the firearm to be sent.
The parcel will have your name and contact phone number on it.
To Obtain A Police Mail Order Permit Form S43A take your licence to a Police station along with the following info.

(If you are ordering B category firearms we will require a permit to procure)

Brand -
Type -
Number of Rounds -


Make -
Model -
Caliber -
Serial Number -

Dealers Licence

Scott Stonex T5123965  Expiry 13/03/21

Email to return permit -

The following only applies to B category Firearms

If the permit is being POSTED then send to
Reloaders Supplies
PO Box 13010
Auckland 1061

If it is being COURIERED then send to
Reloaders Supplies
12 Newsome Street
Auckland 1061