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Sig Sauer BDX System

Written by Scott Stonex on June 4th, 2019.      0 comments

Look to be honest I am an old man and get a bit baffled by technology, but over the last few months I have been using Sig Optics BDX (Ballistic Data Exchange) system on my go to hunting rifle.

Sigs BDX Rangefinders & Sierra 3 Scopes pair via Bluetooth & within 10’

The BDX Rangefinder sends a shooting solution directly to your scope.

So often technology disappoints, not this time!

Everything about Sigs BDX system works just like it should, from the App you download onto your phone, to set up scope, range finder & ballistic profiles works just like it should. Easy no instructions required, it prompts you every step of the way. 

*The knockers will ask.

What if you leave phone at home?Phone is only required for intial set up, leave it at home. no problem. 

What about when you run out of battery? I have found battery life to be very good still on original batteries provided & when scope or range finders does run out of battery, you should be carrying spares like you do for your headlight. Even if you don't have a spare your no worse off than anybody with a scoped rifle its still sighted in and still works like any other scope.


  • I have shot the shit out of the BDX system off the bench at targets testing out to 705 yards & in the field taking a couple of Fallow Bucks, it works flawlessly.
  • Don't take my word for it I have included You Tube links, have look.

Come in the shop & see a real world demo.


Sig Optics BDX system is not crazy expensive & works! 


If I had to pick one work to describe this game changer.



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