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Baikal MP-221 ARTEMIDA 30-06

Baikal MP-221 ARTEMIDA 30-06
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Price: $1,295.00 NZD
Availability: In Stock
Model: Baikal MP-221 ARTEMIDA 30-06
Average Rating: Not Rated

Baikal MP-221 ARTEMIDA 30-06

Elegant appearance and small weight owing to the receiver adopted from the small-bore IZH-43 options.
Perfect safety in operation owing to automatic safety that locks sears and triggers.
Stability of scattering and mean impact point. If a cartridge load has been changed the mean impact point of each barrel can be zeroed to a common center via ribless joint of barrel unit, loose fit of right barrel in the sleeve and a jack-type horizontal adjuster
Barrel length 600mm
Overall length 1050mm
weigth 3.3 KG

Caliber 30-06

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Baikal MP-221 ARTEMIDA 30-06
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