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Sharp Shooter Tactical Advantage Bore Cleaner 8oz

Sharp Shooter Tactical Advantage Bore Cleaner 8oz
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Cleaning Solvent

The Story Behind “Tactical Advantage”

I must admit that the idea for “Tactical Advantage” was not mine. We do business with a military contractor who will remain nameless for obvious reasons. They use our “Patch-Out”and “Wipe-Out” on their bolt action sniper rifles. The use “Patch-Out” in the field. Primarily because of airline restrictions not allowing aerosols to be transported in aircraft. “Wipe-Out” is used at the local ranges and posts. Well, I got a call from their big Kahuna, asking if we could help with a serious problem they were Having with their M-4’s and M-16’s. These guns after a protracted firefight were not operating in full-auto mode. They would only function in semi-auto mode. This put most of the teams at risk, since full-auto mode is used for supressing, or cover fire. He went on to tell me that it was taking 4 hours to get these guns , “military grade” clean. They were literally grinding out the inside of the bolt carrier with a drill and a 50 caliber brush.

The big Kahuna said “ Can you make us a cleaner that will remove copper, carbon, and powder fouling from the bore, but can also clean up the bolt carrier and the gas system ?”

We went to work and 6 months later w announced “Tactical Advantage”. It is used like a conventional bore cleaner straight out of the bottle. And it can be diluted with tap water to a 30% or a 40% solution and then sprayed or dripped on the bolt and gas system. Let it stand for 10 to 20 minutes and wipe dry. Oil the part if it is part of the bolt.

Needless to say the military contractor is delirious with the product. He went on to tell me this morning that “Tactical Advantage” is keeping rifles on the firing line that would have been scrapped in the past. As of today there have been no M-4’s or M-16’s in his group that have been trashed. Last year there were several hundred.

This is the only cleaner ever developed to address the problems associated with the Stoner AR platform.

Cleans the bore, bolt carrier, bolt, gas tube etc.

Sharp Shoot R™ Precision Products® announces a great new product that is the first product dedicated solely for the problems faced by the tactical shooter. Wipe-Out “TACTICAL ADVANTAGE” ™” which is to be used as a conventional non-aerosol for special use with firearms that are used in tactical applications. “TACTICAL ADVANTAGE is an answer to specific problems, where the shooter has need for a very carbon aggressive bore cleaner that will also remove copper fouling as well as powder fouling with a minimum of effort. “TACTICAL ADVANTAGE” ™ like other “Wipe-Out ™ products is 100% brushless. “TACTICAL ADVANTAGE” ™ has a dual use for cleaning tactical firearms.

1. “TACTICAL ADVANTAGE” ™ is a brushless bore cleaner.

2. “TACTICAL ADVANTAGE” ™ When mixed with water on a 50/50 ratio and sprayed on bolt carriers and bolts will dissolve carbon on contact.

This exciting new product is easier to use and is considerably less messy, and is totally odorless. It has no complicated method of application. You simply put it on a patch or a mop and swab it thru the barrel, or spray it on a part you wish to clean.. No Muss No Fuss !

TACTICAL ADVANTAGE” ™ has been designed to be a maximum strength product. In our testing we found that “TACTICAL ADVANTAGE” ™ was capable of dissolving more fouling faster than any product currently on the market.

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