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Lee Deluxe Rifle Die Set

Lee Deluxe Rifle Die Set
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Price: $69.00 NZD
Availability: In Stock
Model: Lee Deluxe Rifle Die Set
Manufacturer: Lee
Average Rating: Not Rated

Lee Deluxe Rifle Die Set

The Deluxe die set is recommended for bolt action and single shot rifles. Please state caliber required in the comment box of your order.

The patented, world record setting Collet Neck Sizing Die is teamed up with the patented, Lee Full Length Sizing Die! There is no loading system that will load more accurate ammunition than the Lee Collet Die. No one but Lee has ever dared to make a guarantee like this - Smallest group size or your money back. In addition to the guaranteed accuracy, you will extend your case life ten times, no lubrication is required and dead length bullet seating.

If you're like most reloaders you have a ready source of empty cases that were fired in another gun. In the past, you had to purchase a full length resizing die set separately to use this brass. Not any more - the Deluxe Die Set includes the full length die. And all this for less than others charge for a standard die set.

The Lee Deluxe Die Set is the most flexible and accurate die set available. The Lee Collet neck sizing die is enhanced by the addition of the patented Lee full length resizing die, which allows us to produce ammunition to factory-new specifications using cases fired in other guns. Your precision fire-formed brass can be used to reload the most accurate ammunition for your gun using the Lee Collet neck sizing die. No other die can produce more accurate ammunition. We are so confident, we guarantee it. In addition to the best accuracy, you get these benefits:

  • No case lubrication required
  • Reduced or eliminates case trimming
  • A ten times increased case life
  • Unmatched speed and convenience
  • Minimum bullet runout
  • Most uniform neck tension
22 HORNET 90599 Serv.Parts
222 REMINGTON 90602 Serv.Parts
223 REMINGTON 90604 Serv.Parts
22/250 90606 Serv.Parts
220 SWIFT 90609 Serv.Parts
243 WINCHESTER 90610 Serv.Parts
25/06 90605 Serv.Parts
6.5 X 55 MAUSER 90611 Serv.Parts
270 WINCHESTER 90612 Serv.Parts
7mm REM MAGNUM 90613 Serv.Parts
30/30 WINCHESTER 90631 Serv.Parts
308 WINCHESTER 90614 Serv.Parts
30/06 SPRINGFIELD 90615 Serv.Parts
300 WIN MAGNUM 90616 Serv.Parts
303 BRITISH 90654 Serv.Parts

Please state what caliber you require in the comments box when you check out.

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